Role of e-learning in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Various studies have shown that diverse companies perform better, and an inclusive management team performs better.         

Companies with More Diverse Leadership Teams Report Higher Innovation Revenue (BCG diversity and innovation survey, 2017)

Diverse Teams Make Better Decisions up to 87% of the time

Diversity and Inclusion boost the productivity of the business. According to the Harvard Business Review, teams with a lot of cognitive diversity come up with better solutions faster than those who don’t.

According to Gartner, 75% of organizations with diverse decision-making teams are likely to surpass financial targets by 2022.

Despite growing evidence of the benefits of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion the companies have failed to create a culture where inclusion is embedded in the workplace. This is primarily because of a lack of understanding of DE&I.        

This knowledge gap can be reduced by offering various courses on DE&I. E-learning courses that are available are one of the cheapest options to help spread the understanding and benefits of DE&I

Global Equality Alliance (GEA) has developed a Global Equality Standard and is going to offer a number of courses in the area in collaboration with Klaspad Academy.

A greater understanding of DE&I can only be achieved through mass education. Online and blended learning courses can create a built-in culture of respecting each other and reduce microaggression.

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