How to implement an inclusive recruitment process

We often talk about diversity, equality, and establishing inclusive teams during the recruitment process. A diverse team brings a distinct set of opinions and viewpoints. Companies with a diverse workforce always outperform their competitors and report happier employees.  However, according to the Robert Walters Group, an established British recruitment company, despite the fact that 85 percent of employers and hiring managers say increasing workforce diversity is a priority, only half have programs in place to attract, develop, and retain an inclusive workforce, and 45 percent have no way of measuring workforce diversity.

What is an inclusive recruitment process?

  • The inclusive hiring process actively recognises diversity and values candidates’ diverse skills and perspectives to the organisation.
  • Inclusive recruiting is an attempt to comprehend how current recruitment and unconscious bias can obstruct the value of people from all walks of life and how they can benefit your business.
  • The inclusive culture then allows diverse talent to think differently and share their experiences and perspectives, which is a key driver of innovation, development, and engagement.

Following are a few basic steps to implement inclusive recruitment practices

  • Create an Inclusive job descriptions – While recruiting the candidates, HR persons must be very deliberate about what they include in job descriptions. They must consider the viewpoint of the diverse candidate pool they wish to attract. They should make certain that the criteria they establish are clear and reflect the skills and competencies required for the job.
  • Make the shortlisting process fairer – The process of shortlisting the candidates for the jobs should be simple and fair. It is best to shortlist two candidates so that they can challenge the assumptions made by the other.
  • Involve a diverse range of people in the hiring process – Having a diverse interview panel can help reduce bias and allow to see candidates from a variety of perspectives. A diverse work team can also promote greater diversity. When candidates go through the interview process and interact with a variety of people, it can be motivating for them to come work for your company.
  • Create a well-structured and consistent interview process – HR people should create a list of questions that are directly related to what will define success in this role and eliminate any that are superfluous or may exacerbate bias. The more they prepare for the interview, the less likely they are to make a biased decision and the more likely they are to make an evidence-based decision.

We would like to hear more from you on the impact of Equality, diversity and Inclusion in organizations. Please share your thoughts on promoting inclusiveness and diversity within the workplaces in the comments.

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