Start Delivering High-impact Online Teaching & Training within Minutes

Klaspad is an easy to use, mobile ready e-learning platform to deliver self-paced courses or live classes.


More and more people are learning online every day. You can reach them all with one easy-to-use platform.
  • Learning On the Go Today with everyone spending more and more time on mobile devices, KLASPAD provides you with your own native mobile apps for iOS and Android to help you deliver a complete, anytime, anywhere mobile learning experience.
  • LEARNING WITH CO LEARNERS AND REAL TEACHERS With our Lives Online you share your thoughts with learners around the globe. You can constantly communicate with your mentor and look back at the notes and discussions any time you want.
  • LEARNING THE LATEST With the content and curriculum changing quite often Klaspad keeps you abreast to the latest. The multiple formats keep the content interesting.
  • LEARNING FROM VIDEOS Videos are considered to be the most effective way of replacing a classroom. The learners can watch them over and over. Klaspad provides HD streaming of videos that enable the learners watch them over various devices without buffering.
  • LEARNING TO REACH MILESTONES Klaspad provides rich analytics that help both the learners and the mentors in knowing and measuring the achievements and the extent of course covered.
  • LEARNING FROM INSIGHTS Instructors learn from insights as much as learners do. Klaspad provides analytics tools that provide actionable intelligence that instructors need to continually refine their course content and improve learner outcomes.

Learning Ecosystem

Highly interactive, collaborative learning management system that engages the learners. Klaspad's LMS isnot just another e learning platform. It is a learning ecosystem with inbuilt ERP, CRM, HRM, SIS and takes collaborative learning to a new level of interactivity

Global content delivery network

Klaspad uses Rackspace’s vast, state-of-the-art, global infrastructure to provide users with the best and most reliable content delivery experience possible, enabling users to stream high-quality videos seamlessly, without buffering or interruptions.

Boosts learner outcomes and retention

Zeros in on learners who are struggling in the course to give them the individual attention they may need. With the understanding of student behaviour gained via Klaspad's analytics tools, instructors can intervene as needed to help ensure learner success.

Increase ROI of your course and elearning content

Get more out of learners with content usage analytics and course consumption analytics. How long are learners viewing materials? Which content is being skipped? By seeing what works and what does not, you can make changes to improve overall course quality and impact.

File storage in the KLASPAD Virtual Content Library

Forget the hassle of storing course materials in miscellaneous locations on the web and having to find them each time it is needed. Instead, Klaspad’s document management solutions securely stores a variety of file types and sizes up to 1GB. What’s more, user can even embed content from his own or other websites into Klaspad’s Content Library.

Virtual Classroom HD quality video sharing

Klaspad supports high-definition (HD) video files, encoding and streaming them in brilliant HD quality for the most crystal clear video playback.
Completely controlled video-based teaching with Klaspad. Learners who are self-paced learners complete video-based activities on their own time, or use videos as learning tools while learners interact and engage in real-time, virtual communication – depending on instructor’s choice.

Every measure to safeguard your data

Tokenized Access to keep intruders out Expiring URLs to protect private information When videos are viewed through the Klaspad platform, the video file location is not exposed to users and every time, a new dynamic link is generated at back end that expires after a given amount of time preventing unauthorized video streaming and repetitive access.


  • The only system in the world offering CRM, HRM, SMS and LMS as a single package.

  • Inbuilt Video conferencing, collaborative documents, e–portfolio.