The E-Learning Ecosystem

In today’s world where information is easily available education is becoming more collaborative than instructive. ‘Collaboration’ is the driving force behind the development of digitalization in adult education. But just introducing an online learning platform is not the final solution.

The requirement is a self-sustaining ecosystem that would enrich society. It should develop them to be better equipped for the changing job conditions, as well as helping them obtain skills needed in future. With the foundation laid by the education sector, it is the industries and the corporates that are the drivers of up-skilling and continuous professional development. E-learning will play an important part in this evolution.

The main challenge and at the same time opportunity facing our society today is to move towards a “wisdom-based society”. A civilization united by both individual and collective intelligence, allowing us to navigate together through increasingly complex dynamics like the one created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To achieve this, we need a Paradigm Shift.

Transformation like this requires Radical Changes.

It involves fostering team, community & network-based learning through e-Learning. Those training would have to be industry and learner focussed and incorporate new training methods built to meet the complexities of the 21st Century.

Mega Trends that are reshaping our world in this direction are already visible. Mass Digitalization & e-Learning have become a way of life and the Growth of Massive Open Online Courses is a clear indicator of the new movement.

Are you ready?

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