The post covid scenario

Contributed by Dionne McCallion

With the announcement of the vaccine being made available to everyone in the UK in 2021, we are all hopeful and excited for a future where we can return to our lives before the pandemic.

It’s hard to predict how life will look like once this global crisis has passed. Still I think that the one positive thing we can take from this, is knowing we are able to pull through and work extremely productively under the most unusual and difficult circumstances.

Below I have listed some of the points that were highlighted by the pandemic and their key-takeaways:

Working remotely.

A lot of organisations have come to the conclusion that a remote workforce is just as productive as one that travel into work each day.

This solution will cut down on employee commute times and the oparating costs of the business; but is there a negative side to this? How can employers and their employees ensure that they are receiving enough physical interaction with others and will this have a long term effect on their mental health?

What do you think?

A new appreciation for personal hygiene

The University College of London advise that you should now be washing your hands 6-10 times a day.

We all understand how easily the virus can spread through physical contact and public transport etc. Once we no longer need to worry about being infected with the COVID-19 virus, will we continue to sanitise our hands regularly?

I’m sure most of us will even in the future ensure that they are keeping their hands and surrounding surfaces as hygienic as possible, but will we be able to recover from the fear and worry of picking up germs by simply touching objects around us?

The economy

Lastly, we need to think how the economy will recover. What measures need to be taken to ensure we can reverse 2 years’ worth of serious damage? How intense will these measures be and what impact will they have on us? Is the economic crisis unavailable?

Let us know what you think will happen next in the comments below!

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