Chronicle of Online Education

Contributed by Prabhjot Kaur

The way we teach has been evolving and online learning was born with the advent of the internet.

The amount of information provided online has grown constantly and the ways of delivery are becoming more and more interesting.  This together with the impact of the pandemic that resulted in more than 1.5 billion students staying at home, has made online learning a part and parcel of our life. There is a sudden growth in the market for the digitalized education.    

The growth of mobile phones and the increased availability of internet across the globe are also adding to the popularity of this mode of education. The technology has helped the online education to become more interactive.

The use of AR and VR along with online meetings have added a new dimension to it.      

Thanks to the increased volumes and easy ways of creating intuitive content the institutions are now able to provide learning at affordable prices. The teaching is becoming more and more student centric and the students are reaping the benefits. Online education has opened the doors to good education across the globe.   

The Learning management systems play an important role in the provision of online education. Klaspad’s system is a complete education management ecosystem that provides very good interaction between the teachers and the students. It also provides opportunities to organizations to freely share the information with the users of the system. Klaspad constantly adds and updates new courses that cover a wide range of subjects that include cyber security, climate change, equality and many others from the University of Bolton, SQA, IBM and AWS.

Klaspad is perhaps the only education management system where the certificates are directly uploaded on Futarium Blockchain. The students also collect micro credits on the blockchain as they progress with their courses.

And how do you feel about the changes in the online education?

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