Resilience during COVID-19

Contributed by Dionne McCallion

This month we have been discussing the impact of COVID19 pandemic on our studies and what can we do about it.

The coronavirus pandemic is something that none of us have seen before. Naturally, our emotions and concerns around this are going to be high. If you are feeling deeper anxiety and stress during this global crisis, that is completely understandable and something so many of us will be experiencing together.

In times like there building resilience, is something you can do to continue to live your life with as little discomfort as possible. It’s going to help you cope with this drastic change to your personal and working life while also allowing you to deal with your worries and concerns. Rather than feeling utterly defeated.

The first thing you can do is reflect and identify the new emotions you are experiencing.

Is it a fear of catching the virus at your place of work?
Is it that you feel that the success of your project or organisation is now out of your control?

Identify these specific fears and talk about them with someone you trust. You need to voice your thoughts and concerns. Perhaps they are feeling the same as you and can share some tips on how they manage this.

Ensure you are keeping a healthy working schedule, doing what you can, to stay on top of your duties as well as doing the best you can with the resources you have.

It’s important to also wind down, switch off and relax.

My escape this year has been reading dozens of books. It’s how I separate myself from the world outside and focus one something that makes me feel happy and calm.

It’s also important to remember, during Covid19, everyone has an important role. Whether it be working hard for your organisation, supporting key workers, or simply providing support to those around you who are really struggling during this time. All those things matter, and we cannot do without them.

Remember to thank the people in your soundings and be helpful to those in need.  In the spirit of this, our team here at Klaspad – myself included, would like to say Thank You For Being Here – we appreciate it!

Let us know how you are coping with the current lockdown and how have the people around you helped you!

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