How I make the most out of my learning

Contributed by Dionne McCallion

It’s important to understand what style of learning suits you best. Everyone is different and only you know yourself best, what method helps you stay focused and interested in your studies and what is just not right for you.

For me, my learning method is to listen; repeat and write it down. I know I am able to memorise and capture information this way.

It works for Me.

I then explain what I have learnt to a member of my household ( btw- who are of course never interested in what I am lecturing them on) to ensure I am able to explain myself in a way that makes sense.

This one is probably a given, but I’m very easily distracted – aren’t we all? So all temptations are kept well out of reach during my study time to reach maximum focus.

I also make sure that I am sticking to the agreed time I have sectioned off specifically for my learning. Once I have started, I then ensure I know exactly what I intend to learn/master that day. I also set myself targets to achieve this. This is really how I stay motivated and manage my time to ensure that I have learnt all areas as planned during a given time.

It is also important and extremely effective to allow your brain to think freely about your subjects. Come out of your focused mode while reading up on subjects and allow yourself to ask questions and make connections between your studies and questions. This will help you remember and allow your brain to come back to those points of questions and find the answer.

What is the best way for you to study?

Have you tried all thses?

Let us know!

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