Why us?

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We really know very little about the process of learning, how the mind works when learning. We’re very good at showing and mentioning, so we have parts of the brain named synapse, neurone and cortex, and theories about how it all somehow works together and allows us to learn, but learning remains one of the life’s great puzzles.
That aside, in more reasonable terms, learning is that which empowers you to engage successfully in your life and in the scenes that matter to you. Learning involves fitting new material into what you already know. Learning shapes neural connections and rewires your brain. Successful connections develop knowledge to help you grow.
What was eLearning?
Before anyone called it eLearning, in late 1997, learning guru Elliott Masie said, “Online learning is the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, and extend learning.”
In 1998, Jay Crose wrote, “eLearning is learning on Internet Time, the convergence of learning and networks. eLearning is a vision of what corporate training can become. eLearning is to traditional training as eBusiness is to business as usual.”
In 1999, Cisco told us, “eLearning is Internet-enabled learning. Components can include content delivery in multiple formats, management of the learning experience, and a networked community of learners, content developers and experts.”

slide-1.jpgWhy did we choose eLearning?
We are developing our eLearning platform since 2008, and we’ve realised that this work will never end. Courses have to be continuously updated, the platform has to be easier and more interactive, the students are rushing more than they’ve used to. Most of them are studying during night times, they’re not spending more than 4 hours on the studies, we feel that they are constantly rushing and chasing something.

We believe that education shapes the lives of people and we want to shape the education to fit their lifestyles.

Our team of developers is always encouraged to keep themselves informed of the changes in technology. We encourage adoption of new technology and most important, our prime duty is to support our students, colleges, universities and personal trainers. they came before everything!


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