AR Facts

AR Dinosaurs

– Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have developed an AR device they call EyeRing. It’s a small camera you carry on your finger and when you take a picture of an object, it transmits it to a smartphone that gives you news about what you’ve photographed.

– Disney Research has created a technology using reverse electro-vibration that projects a texture onto smooth surfaces.

– The IKEA catalogue has its own AR revolution. You can use a smartphone app to see inside furniture and get design concepts not possible to those provided with reality.

– The Los Angeles Times used the start of the London Olympics to join print magazines dabbling in AR. The app enables readers to get extra stuff by hovering their phones over Olympics photos in the paper.

– This month and next, Walkers crisps will come in bags that, once you download the appropriate mobile app, share the weather report for today and tomorrow. There are no plans, as yet, for five-day forecasts.

– Klaspad has developed Augmented Builds to enable everybody, without any technical expertise, to create interactive augmented reality experience.



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