Geegago: A new platform for Gig workers in the UK

It is estimated that 7.25 million individuals in the UK will be involved with some of the other sorts of Gig (Freelance) work. According to Mckinsey’s Independent Work study, a significant number of traditional job workers in the United States and five other nations want to become primary independent earners.

70% of freelancers choose the gig economy because it allows them to have a better work-life balance. There are many platforms that can be used by Gig workers to promote their services and find clients for themselves.  Geegago is a recent edition with some unique offerings like a guaranteed minimum price. Workers on other platforms are confronted with the problem of low-price offerings from 3rd world countries. These low price offers sometimes do not provide the quality that the UK workers can provide. Geegago also offers a 3% pension contribution on the earnings of the workers. Geegago, at the moment, is registering workers in various fields and a big marketing campaign is planned to promote the services from March 2022. You can now join the platform for FREE.

A bird’s eye view of Gig economy in the UK

Benefits of Gig Economy

  • People are self-employed.
  • People have more than one source of income.
  • People work on zero-hour contracts.
  • People can work from anywhere and anytime.
  • Flexible working hours.

Benefits of Geegago

  • Geegago FREE Food and Hygiene training for those in the Hospitality sector.
  • FREE care worker training and Care Certificate to those who are not qualified and want to start earning in the Care sector.
  • FREE Health and Safety training and certification.
  • 3% contribution to your pension funds on the income generated by you.

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