National and international blockchain database

Education is curiously very nationalistic to the extent that even in the EU it is a dissolved issue. Each country has their own system of education and wants to keep it that way. At the moment the credentials and the achievements of the student at each level are kept within a college, university, institute or education board. This results in too much of duplication of work, with risk of document fraud. All the achievements, credentials and certification can easily be shared using blockchain. This is not only safe but also easiest way to verify the authenticity of the information, as it is the blockchain that does the verification and not the awarding organisation.


The use of this technology can be and should be used to sit on top of all educational achievements and career related information ready to be shared between the stakeholders with confidence. Once this has been achieved, the employers need not worry about the information shared on the CV or the origin of the certificates.


The paper versions of the credentials are difficult to store and to be carried when people are moving from one place to another. In today’s world where people are becoming more mobile it is all the more important to have all the information at one place that is secure and trusted.


Now imagine the possibilities when you expand this concept and make it global. If not all more and more verified achievements and credentials can be put on blockchain, there will be no loss of information in case of calamities, sudden movement to another location due to political and geo physical disasters.


Blockchain will change the way we store and verify credentials.



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