Kabaq – Augmented reality and food industry

Kabaq has developed an AR app which will change your restaurant experience. When you order in the restaurant, or online, you will get the chance to see the food 3D.
For those who are wondering how an item listed looks like, especially from a cuisine you never tried, Kabaq has the solution by giving 3D renderings of food articles to assist people to pick what to eat.
Opposed to traditional menus, customers using Kabaq can experience an interactive 360-view of the food, see the correct serving size, reflect ingredients, and be presented with complimentary dishes. Of course, this assumes the restaurant is authentic and accurate in rendering the 3D display of the dishes.
Kabaq uses scanning technologies to create the 3D models. These 3D models can be also used as visuals for websites, on social media, marketing materials and in the Kabaq augmented reality app. The team is also creating use cases for home delivery, cookbooks, catering menu presentations and meal preparation services. The startup is working on an API, to make the 3D food library accessible through API for food delivery.
15 restaurants, 150 food items and counting.

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