Augmented Reality in Construction

Augmented reality lets users experience their physical, real-world environment augmented by video, audio, graphics or data. In this case, we’re using augmented reality to make data actionable for asset and facility managers.

Augmented reality in construction and architecture projects involves placing a 3D model of a proposed design onto an existing space using mobile devices and 3D models. AR has been used in the video gaming and media entertainment for a much longer period of time to show a real image interacting with one created from computer graphics. Its utilization matured in the AEC industries in the past five years when contractors such as Seattle’s BNBuilders began using it to show clients proposed designs in the context of existing conditions using iPads and other mobile devices on a construction site.

SmartReality from JBknowledge, a technology company previously known for bringing subcontractors and jobs together, is a mobile AR app available as a beta test on a per-project basis. It can place a 3D model in context, viewable through an iPad or iPhone, whether on a 2D set of plans, in front of an actual site, or even on an image of your project’s site. Users focus on a given design or plan file with the camera on their iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone; the app then recognizes the design, and the screen overlays a virtual model of what the project will look like upon completion. Anyone can see a Revit model in context (Revit drawings have to be imported into a different format to be recognized), in a full, 360-degree view.

Augmented Builds from Klaspad gives you unlimited possibilities, such as:


Use Augmented Builds to easily bring your printed images to life by connecting a video or a 3D model to tell the story of the image.


Bring your menu to life by adding 3d objects and videos of the dishes to give your customers an exciting interactive experience using their mobile phones, while they are sitting in the restaurant.

Real Estate

Augmented builds is a real-time Augmented Reality visualisation platform for architectural models. By incorporating AR technology architects can visualize their designs in 3D to give an immersive experience to the customers and in their presentations at a very low cost and in a very simple way.


Augmented Builds allows users to create games easily by uploading the marker images that come to life with objects in 3D. One can use multiple markers to move the objects from one place to other.

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