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Qualifi qualifications provide employers with the means to train employees for workforce needs as well as objective standards of excellence. Learn more about how we can help employers.

For Employers Prepare Today’s Global Workforce Competing in today’s global economy takes a skilled and productive…

See all the benefits available for Qualifi Approved Learning Centres: http://www.qualifi.net/for-centres/

For Centres Flexible. Responsive. Innovative. Learning Centres are on the front lines of developing critically-important skilled and…

Build on your qualifications with an accredited degree from a UK or US university. Learn about Qualifi's learning pathways here: http://www.qualifi.net/learning-pathways/

Take the Next Step Build on your Qualifi Qualifications and Progress to a University Degree or Post Graduate Masters and…

How can different stakeholders work together and innovate to fix the mismatches between worker skills and employer needs and create a workforce of lifelong learners? Read some expert views here: http://www.wise-qatar.org/education-skills-gap

Mind the gap: all over the world, graduates struggle to find work yet millions of jobs are…

European Universities and policymakers urged to better support refugees: http://thepienews.com/…/european-universities-policy-maker…/

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